Roxani is an experienced piano and music theory/music composition teacher that had more than 40 students the last 4 years. She currently teaches Piano and Music Theory at the Neo Odeio Alimou (Athens, Greece). She also gives private piano , music theory and composition lessons online or in person as well as offering group courses of composition and film music theory.

She believes that music learning should be an enjoyable and meaningful musical experience for the student and she adapts her lesson planning and methodology according to the student`s needs and goals. Her aim is to provide creative lessons that instil to her students the necessary knowledge, passion and love about music, foster and encourage the creativity of each student as well as helping them develop their self – criticism and an holistic and interdisciplinary understanding of music.

Roxani gives lessons in the following subject areas:


In this lesson you will develop your creative and technical skills as well as a distinctive compositional voice. You will learn how to achieve control and development of musical elements (pitch, harmony, rhythm, structure, texture, timbre etc).

– fundamental techniques of composition

– οrganology /instrumentation/ orchestration

– music notation in finale

– analysis of scores of different styles and periods

-composing for solo/duo/ensemble/orchestra


Film scoring/ Film music theory:

In this lesson you will learn the basic aspects of film music theory which feature the communicational and functional nature of film music. You will also learn the process  of scoring  short clips , and the way to  create themes – leitmotifs. The lessons will also focus on analyzing the relation between image and music as well as the functions of film music on specific cues.

– Film music theory

– Analysis of cues

– Composing/ orchestrating complete cues


Modern and classical piano

I believe there are three main areas we need to cover in most lessons to ensure a well-rounded education.

– Technique: scales/arpeggios, drills, aural/rhythm/sight reading

– Repertoire: classical, modern piano (film music, jazz, pop etc)

– Creatice activities: improvising/composing, lead sheet playing, off – page activities